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I love working with students to help them achieve their...

I am a very fun person and like to think of myself as a good tutor. I am skilled in Algebra topics as well as basic trigonometry. I always find some way to help kids who are struggling in school and would love to have the chance to tutor any of you guys!

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I find a way to relate the information to each student...

I am a very math and science based person. Most of the classes I took there were a few kids that always struggled. After a while of seeing the teacher fail to get the point across to the kid I would come and help. The kid would usually tend to understand whatever I taught them... read more

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I am extremely patient when working with students which I...

Hello! My name is Arshddep and I have been teaching for over 12 years now. I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics with a GPA of 3.7 a Master's in Education and an Education Specialist Clear Credential with Autism and English Language Learner Authorization for... read more

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I am auto-didactic and will not only teach the subject but...

I am currently a USF student just looking for work to fit into a full time school schedule. I was born and raised in Tampa and after moving around several cities I decided I wanted to come back to Tampa for college. I will be an excellent tutor simply because I have been doing... read more

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Math is only hard if you make it hard - I'm here to...

I have been working as a private tutor since 2011. I started off with math and branched out to all other academic disciplines (science, history, english, foreign languages, etc.). I am currently a student at the University of Chicago, but being away from home has not prevented... read more

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Learning is about expanding your mind, and I'd love to...

I am a Junior at California State University Stanislaus, majoring in Drama. I have a lot of tutoring, both paid and volunteering, for many years. My latest tutoring position was at Ace It! Tutoring. I tutored 7th grade math to struggling students. Tutoring is very satisfying to... read more

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Experienced tutor and school employee

I am a student finishing my BA in Special Education. I will have a K-8 teaching credential and an educational specialist credential. I have over 10 years of experience as a private tutor.

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I am a patient and flexible person who is willing to help...

Throughout high school, mathematics had been my favorite subject. I was intrigued with the new material we learned everyday, and I strived to perform at my highest level. My experience with tutoring began with helping others in my class who needed a little extra guidance with... read more

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I take an artistic approach that makes learning material...

Currently I am an engineering student at Temple University studying to be a Civil Engineer. Both my parents were awarded educators , they taught me everything I know about learning. It was their guidance that allowed me to understand that not everyone learns the same. That was... read more

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My goal is to help students find a disciplined approach to...

I am a computer science major at Wellesley College who, like most Boston techies, hopes to leave the cold east coast for Silicon Valley one day. For the past five years, I've worked as an english and mathematics tutor for elementary, middle, and high school students in my school... read more

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