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Brian Patrick

I'm willing to do as much as I can to help others...

I am a student studying Theology and Philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Throughout High School, I maintained a 4.1 GPA and have maintained a 3.9 GPA in college. I am very qualified in most fields of High School math (primarily Algebra, Pre-Calc, Trig) and am... read more

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I'm patient, upbeat, friendly, and have a passion for...

I graduated from high school in the Top 5% of ~490 kids. I became a National Merit Finalist by scoring well on the PSAT. On the ACT, I achieved a 35, with a score of 35 on the math section. On the Math 2 SAT Subject Test, I received an 800. I took many advanced classes,... read more

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I am patient when teaching and explain concepts thoroughly.

I am currently enrolled at Texas A... read more

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I have a passion to share knowledge with others

Over 10 years of mathematics, physics, and computer science experience coupled with years of teaching at the university level. I love to break problems down to the atomic level so that students understand each and every step without memorizing solutions.

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I find a way to relate the information to each student...

I am a very math and science based person. Most of the classes I took there were a few kids that always struggled. After a while of seeing the teacher fail to get the point across to the kid I would come and help. The kid would usually tend to understand whatever I taught them... read more

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Hello everyone. My name is Bryan and I'm a 2016 graduate of Lynbrook High School. As a recent high school graduate, I can easily align my methods with the school curriculum that students may be fonder with; this recency in graduation also enables me to intuitively identify any... read more

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I've been doing math my whole life, trust me, I'm...

I am from India. I'm an international student doing my masters in Networking and system administration. I've been learning maths from my 3rd grade and I am really really good at algebra. I would love to help someone who are having trouble with algebra. I can make complex... read more

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I am extremely patient when working with students which I...

Hello! My name is Arshddep and I have been teaching for over 12 years now. I have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics with a GPA of 3.7 a Master's in Education and an Education Specialist Clear Credential with Autism and English Language Learner Authorization for... read more

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Learning is about expanding your mind, and I'd love to...

I am a Junior at California State University Stanislaus, majoring in Drama. I have a lot of tutoring, both paid and volunteering, for many years. My latest tutoring position was at Ace It! Tutoring. I tutored 7th grade math to struggling students. Tutoring is very satisfying to... read more

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I encourage my students to ask plenty of questions and to...

I was a Tutor for the Terra Cotta Middle School AVID program in 2015 for grade levels 6 - 8, and I’m experienced with helping students in a variety of subjects through the use of critical thinking and basic questioning. During tutorials, I tutored students in some of the... read more

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