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Comprehension is my goal.

I am currently a Mathematics major working for my Bachelor's degree and on my last year to finish. I have worked as a math tutor for over a year now and have really enjoyed it. I know that there are different ways of learning; therefore, there should also be different ways of... read more

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I'm patient, upbeat, friendly, and have a passion for...

I graduated from high school in the Top 5% of ~490 kids. I became a National Merit Finalist by scoring well on the PSAT. On the ACT, I achieved a 35, with a score of 35 on the math section. On the Math 2 SAT Subject Test, I received an 800. I took many advanced classes,... read more

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Patient, understanding, compassionate, driven.

Growing up and attending a school in Cupertino, I have always held myself to a high academic standard. Ever since I was 15, I have tutored peers and children in my area on biology and math. Having earned the rank of Eagle Scout, I have had over a decade of experience with kids.... read more

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I am patient.

I have been in child care for over 15 years. I started out being a nanny/babysitter and now I work at YMCA after school and help children with their homework. I am intuitive, persistent, and very patient as well. I love watching kids when they understand a problem and they gt... read more

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I am an experienced tutor who has dealt with countless...

I have MANY tutoring experiences through Kumon and IIT. I worked as a TA and tutor (MATH and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) through my university and have successfully interned at Sargent... read more

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I'm here to help you.

As it is I was one of the top students in my graduating class in high school. I also mastered calc two by the end of my high school career. Not to mention my methods will not only help you achieve the right answer, but learn how to do it by yourself.

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I am deeply invested in the success of others.

I attend Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, which is an approximate 850 miles away from my hometown of Athens, TN. As a senior in high school, I excelled in AP Calculus and fell in love with this specific field of math. A few of my closest friends, all of whom are... read more

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I have a broad understanding of communication styles and my...

I have a firm background with mentoring and working with different communication styles. I have a thirst for learning that is contagious; I naturally inspire people around me to become excited about grasping new concepts. I have great skills in math and always look forward to... read more

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I want to make difficult mathematical concepts easily...

I am currently a Mathematics Major in Washington University in St. Louis, following a Pre-Medical track as well. I was accepted to the University of California at Berkeley as a Mathematics major, which is ranked third in the nation. Throughout high school, I participated in AMC... read more

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I actually do really love math!

Throughout high school, I played varsity sports and took as many AP classes as I could fit in. I was often asked for help throughout high school, and I worked as a tutor for Spanish and Chemistry my senior year. I graduated with a 4.0, and have continued my education at a... read more

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