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I am patient.

I have been in child care for over 15 years. I started out being a nanny/babysitter and now I work at YMCA after school and help children with their homework. I am intuitive, persistent, and very patient as well. I love watching kids when they understand a problem and they gt... read more

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I am an experienced tutor who has dealt with countless...

I have MANY tutoring experiences through Kumon and IIT. I worked as a TA and tutor (MATH and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) through my university and have successfully interned at Sargent... read more

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I am excited to help further your mathematic, academic...

Growing up with an English teacher for a mom, I have always loved teaching and tutoring myself, and find that I have teaching in my blood. One of my passions is helping other people in anyway, including tutoring. In high school I was an English tutor in our school’s writing... read more

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I will teach you how to succeed.

I was an honors student all throughout high school and then I became an Illinois state scholar and AP scholar with several AP credits to my name. I know how to teach these subjects because I took these classes myself. As an education major, I know how to express myself clearly... read more

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I love education and knowledge is power.

I have been teaching children in some capacity for over 30 years It started with preschool age children for five years and segued into primary and secondary school for the past fifteen years. I started my own tutoring center in Huntington Beach California and was very... read more

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As a tutor, I am a student advocate, promoter of confidence...

I began tutoring over 6 years ago, when in my Algebra 2 class, a peer approached me for help for the unit exam. Not only was she successful on the test, she raised her grade in the class from a C to an A and became a confident contributor to classroom conversation. Since then,... read more

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I'd make an exceptional tutor because I love helping...

I have volunteered to tutor my classmates in my free time after school and during lunch when I was in high school. I have more than enough patience to go around and my favorite subject is mathematics. I'd love the opportunity to be an available resource for students to come to... read more

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I want to make difficult mathematical concepts easily...

I am currently a Mathematics Major in Washington University in St. Louis, following a Pre-Medical track as well. I was accepted to the University of California at Berkeley as a Mathematics major, which is ranked third in the nation. Throughout high school, I participated in AMC... read more

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I am here to help you understand and excel!

I have a strong background in Accounting via education and work experience. I am very patient and take pride in helping others excel in what they are pursuing. I have a knack for being able to interpret information into understandable terms for everyone. I believe education is a... read more

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I won't give up on you; I will keep at it until you...

Math is honestly my strong suit. I've been tutoring people for years and helping them get a good grade. Just recently, I helped out a person in my class go from a 54% to an 86% after 2 sessions. I thoroughly explain a lesson until it is completely taught.

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